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Satograms are lightning payments (lnurl & keysends) that include a custom message. Think of it like spam email, but you get paid for it. When you receive a Satogram you have been paid by the sender! Reach out to thousands of people with your own custom message of up to 500 characters in only a few minutes.

Problems? Rug pulled? Comments? Refund?

Contact us: @Satograms or on Telegram or email and on Nostr at: npub10yp63ndd68htfq52xv2wsmdlq7uqvy24z009efaql5jyw0jvh0ns2gnn5t or message @BitcoinCoderBob on X

We use Lightning Network + to both open, and have channels opened to our node. Check out our node here if you would like to open a channel to us.

Lightning Node Pubkey: 0309bf5fe006bd2b14d61126723481c6c685bda44efe093800908527dfe9cd8db7

Often imitated, never duplicated.